Jun 05
May 25

Tech Forum Bristol with GTUK

What a successful Tuesday in Bristol we had! With our morning presentation held by Neil...   ...Ending with discussions in very well located networking area: Another chance to meet #MarvellousGTUK during CEDIA Tech Forum is in October in London!
May 14

22 May – Tech Forum Bristol with GTUK

  CEDIA Tech Forum Bristol As part of CEDIA's commitment to broaden access to training and networking for its members, and improve knowledge within the wider home technology industry, the Tech Forum events are back and better than ever. We The Curious, 22 May - the second UK Tech Forum... read more →
Apr 27

Tech Forum London with GTUK

What a successful Tuesday in London we had! Starting with discussions in the networking area... ...To our afternoon presentation held by Jay: We hope to meet you during another CEDIA Tech Forum which is next month in Bristol!
Apr 17


WOW! Have you heard fantastic news? Our 2018 show performance is all about #MarvellousGTUK, you won’t be disappointed when you visit our stands with #GTUKheroes in the UK! @EILiveShow @CEDIA_EMEA #CEDIATechForum #GTUKEvents Check our schedule to join us this season: 2018.04.24: CEDIA Tech Forum London 2018.05.22: Essential Install Live! Show 2018... read more →
Apr 03

GTUK goes Social

While WEBSITE is growing... Our website is expanding all the time. That's a fact. With all the brands and products we hand picked to create our offer this is long, but rewarding process. While we are implementing updates and descriptions to the product pages, there are other ways to check... read more →
Mar 19

24 April – Tech Forum London with GTUK

CEDIA Tech Forum London As part of CEDIA's commitment to broaden access to training and networking for its members, and improve knowledge within the wider home technology industry, the Tech Forum events are back and better than ever. CodeNode, 24 April - the first UK Tech Forum of 2018 REGISTER... read more →
Mar 14
Mar 08

Acurus Announces 20-Channel Immersive Audio Processor

20-Channel Immersive Audio Processor - ACT 4 Indy Audio Labs, LLC, international leader in audio/video electronics design and manufacturing and parent of the revered high-performance brands Aragon and Acurus, announced newly expanded Acurus ACT 4 audio processing capabilities. As of Q2 2018, the Acurus ACT 4 will natively decode Dolby Atmos... read more →
Feb 07

ISE 2018 – Cinema Partners and more

We are happy to receive a great response about products we distribute. The Booth 5-R80 with its simplicity is a contrast to the stands made to perfection around. With that approach Cinema Partners want to present their products, not the stand as their best. Please see some pictures below, how... read more →
Jan 30
Aspect Ratios Webinar with Display Technologies

Aspect Ratios Webinar is here! Prepared with Display Technologies to explain all the issues from aspect ratios basics and way above. Don't forget to meet them at ISE 2018 next week if you have any questions!#GTUKWebinar #DisplayTechnologies #AspectRatios

Posted by GTUK on Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Aspect Ratios Webinar Recording

All the Aspect Ratios nuances revealed! Watch our webinar held by Display Technologies and enjoy a good piece of knowledge at every level.
Jan 24

Monday 29th Jan – Aspect Ratios Free Webinar

We are happy to announce another free webinar this month! Please check below for details and join us next Monday, as this time we have prepared not only a pack of knowledge, but also a little surprise at the end. OBJECTIVE Aspect ratios play an important role in determining the... read more →
Jan 17
3Rs of Acoustics with CATS Packs

Happy with a great response after our first webinar we are encouraged to make some more in near future. To show you how it's done here is our Mondays "3Rs of Acoustics" recording. You are all welcome to join us next time. Details will follow soon. Enjoy!#GTUKWebinar #CinemaATS

Posted by GTUK on Wednesday, 17 January 2018

3Rs of Acoustics with CATS Packs recording

For everyone who couldn't attend and is still interested with a subject - here is the recording of latest webinar we held. We are so happy with the response that we decided to do some more. Next free webinar on Aspect Ratios will take place on Monday 29th Jan. We... read more →
Jan 12

3Rs of Acoustics Free Webinar

Cinema-ATS Packs breaks acoustics down into three simple categories we call the 3Rs of Acoustics. Each element within a Cinema-ATS Packs solution is designed to effectively tackle the 3Rs using a simple set of guides which deliver excellent results every time. At the end of this session you will be... read more →
Jan 08

Cinema Partners at ISE 2018

This year you can find a strong representation of the products from GTUK offer. First to announce is unusual alliance of three GTUK brands merged into Cinema Partners, who will be presenting their products in carefully designed demo room at the show. A Dolby Atmos® 7.2.4 setup will be demonstrated... read more →
Jan 04

GTUK website Hidden Gems

Our website is still expanding. For you not to miss anything we will be pointing out emerging features. One of the assets we want to gather are reviews of products in the offer. Like the one on Acurus ACT 4 written last year by Dennis Burger. READ THE REVIEW OF... read more →
Dec 21

GTUK official fanpage

Within expansion of our online visibility we have changed official GTUK Facebook page recently. Please follow the #GTUK profile to be sure you're always up to date with Genesis Technologies Products and News.
Dec 14

Join GTUK at ISE 2018

We are happy to confirm our presence at ISE 2018. This year except for us, you will find also a strong representation of the products from GTUK offer throughout Residential Hall (no. 5). If you already planned to be at ISE and if you like to join us free of... read more →