Complete Acoustic Treatment System is a British brand specialising in compact, high performance acoustic treatment design services, control panels and accessories for residential and commercial room acoustic applications. Complete Acoustic Treatment System – Optimising Audio. Read More on Complete Acoustic Treatment System Website 

Brand Products
Acoustic Treatment

C-ATS Reverberation

  • CATS-REV-CP-12 – C-ATS Reverberation Control Panels 12mm (16x)
  • CATS-REV-CP-50 – C-ATS Reverberation Control Panels 50mm(16x)

C-ATS Reflection

  • CATS-REF-CP – C-ATS Reflection Control Panels 50mm (16x)

C-ATS Resonance

  • CATS-RES-CP – C-ATS Resonance Control Panels 43mm (4x)


  • CATS-DES-B – Acoustic treatment design services – Basic
  • CATS-DES-S – Acoustic treatment design services – Standard